The USDA CORE Mobile App assists Child and Adult Food Program (CACFP) Sponsoring Organizations with understanding key components of CACFP administration. This mobile app is a resource for sponsoring organizations and includes a series of microlearning lessons designed to be used as a refresher of select content delivered as part of the CORE training.

Microlearning is a short, self-directed learning experience focused on learning specific information in small chunks.  These CORE microlearning lessons complement the CORE in-person trainings and the CORE online courses.

The list of lessons will include:

CORE Reference #

CORE 812

CORE 813

CORE 814

CORE 815

CORE 822

CORE 832

CORE 833

CORE 842

CORE 843

CORE 844

CORE 852

CORE Module

Monitoring & Oversight

Monitoring & Oversight

Monitoring & Oversight

Monitoring & Oversight

Serious Deficiency

Corrective Action

Corrective Action

Recordkeeping & Claims

Recordkeeping & Claims

Recordkeeping & Claims


Microlearning Lesson

Elements of a Finding: The Five C’s

Five - Day Meal Count Reconciliation Process

Calculating Nonprofit Food Service

Program Red Flags

6 Steps of the Serious Deficiency Process

4 W’s and 1 H

Root Cause Analysis – 5 Why’s

Edit Checks: Best Practices for Evaluating Claim Data

Calculating the Administrative Fee for Sponsoring Organizations of Centers

Red Flags

10 Allowability Cost Factors

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The mobile app is available in the Google Play and Apple App stores.  Search: USDA CORE in the application store to download the application free of charge.