This module will focus on developing the characteristics of a successful trainer. Participants will learn and practice effective communication and active listening skills; understand adult learning styles; identify and use probing questions to land the learning; and demonstrate an understanding of trainer success techniques by participating in engaging activities.

This module will explain the purpose and requirements of the management plan and how the management plan relates to the CACFP performance standards. Participants will learn the importance of monitoring, evaluating and implementing a complete and comprehensive management plan through individual and group activities.

This module will discuss the importance of the CACFP budget and how it relates to the management plan and the CACFP performance standards. Participants will obtain an overview of the federal cost principles and how they relate to the CACFP budget. Participants will also learn the key steps for creating a CACFP budget and receive best practices for developing and monitoring a CACFP budget.

This module will provide an overview of the CACFP performance standards and focus on the requirements specific to financial viability. Participants will learn and discuss various ways to demonstrate and evaluate financial viability as well as identify appropriate records to maintain.

This module will explain the purpose of internal controls and discuss how internal controls are necessary for CACFP compliance. Participants will learn how to develop, document and evaluate internal control systems through engaging group activities.

This module will review CACFP recordkeeping requirements and explain how maintaining records relate to the submission of an accurate claim for reimbursement. Participants will identify common CACFP records and discuss common issues associated with recordkeeping and management practices that adversely impact claims for reimbursement. Participants will learn the CACFP edit check requirements and discuss best practices for submission of a claim for reimbursement.

This module will review the CACFP monitoring requirements and oversight activities for sponsoring organizations. Participants will learn about the required CACFP monitoring review elements, various review instruments and discuss best practices for completing a comprehensive compliance review.

This module will review the CACFP requirements of the serious deficiency process. Participants will learn the six steps of the serious deficiency process, and the requirements for each step. Participants will discuss corrective action requirements, required timeframes, and best practices to evaluate corrective action plans to ensure implementation.

This session will discuss the purpose of corrective action when citing a finding during a monitoring review. Participants will learn how to determine the root cause of the non-compliance after citing the finding and how to use the root cause when developing corrective action requirements. Participants will learn the difference between imposing corrective action and requiring a corrective action plan that meets all criteria of an adequate corrective action.