• March 11, 2019

    CORE FNS Mock Training Conference

    January 8th – 11th, the CORE team hosted the CORE FNS Mock Training Conference at the Hilton Garden Inn in Arlington, VA. Representatives from FNS, various State agencies, and the National CACFP Sponsors Association participated in an innovative learning journey to provide initial feedback on the train-the-trainer conference model. Participants were able to experience the training conference that is designed for State agencies to train their sponsoring organizations.

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  • December 18, 2018

    CORE-CACFP Train-the-Trainer Conference Registration is Now Open!

    The CORE Team is excited to announce that the registration for the three CORE-CACFP Train-the-Trainer Conferences is now open! Registration is FREE and limited to 4 SLOTS per State agency. Space is limited – Register today! For more information and to register click here: www.core-cacfp.com/training-conferences

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  • June 1, 2018

    CORE | NPA Informational Webinar Online

    On May 24th, the CORE team hosted an informational webinar for members of the CACFP National Professional Association highlighting the progress to date for the CACFP training program. The webinar was attended by over 100 state agency and FNS regional office personnel. The presentation and audio can be accessed here: CORE|NPA Informational Webinar, May 24, 2018

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  • May 24, 2018

    CORE Info Session Q&A

    1. Question: For the in-person training, will the location be technology friendly? Example: Wi-Fi capability and/or there are no distractions in having good reception when using their own devices, Access to power/Charging stations. Answer: The locations selected for training will be equipped with wi-fi capabilities and accessibility to charging outlets. While we cannot guarantee what the functionality will be during the actual training sessions, we fully expect functional and accessible connections.   2. Question: At the in person training will we receive printed materials to use during the training, however as for the information we bring back to our state it will be in an electronic format for distribution to the state. Answer: All state agencies will have access to electronic copies of the training materials. Printed materials will be distributed to all attendees at the in-person training sessions.   3. Question: Is there a limit on the number of State Agency employees can participate in the training? Answer: Currently there is no limit on the number of state agency employees that can participate at the in-person training sessions. It is important to note that the recommended positions to attend the in-person training sessions are those positions directly responsible for administering training and technical assistance to sponsors.   4. Question: This is a large undertaking, how can you all cover this much content in three days? Answer: The 3-day training is designed to focus only the key areas of each topic.   5. Question: Will the At-Risk program be addressed in the materials? Answer: There is only the Child and Adult Care Food Program. “At-Risk” is a component of CACFP and the requirements for sponsoring organizations are the same for all components of the Program.   6. Question: Will attendees get to attend all topics, or do we need to pick and choose? Answer: The training is designed to cover the key areas of all topics during the 3 days allotted. The expectation is that participants attend all sessions.   7. Question: Will the training have specific financial accountability requirements for varying organization sizes? Answer: There are no specific financial accountability requirements based on organization size.   8. Question: Do you have an agreement with Brighton to develop the online workshops? Answer: Brighton Training Group is part of the CORE team and is the online training developer.   9. Question: Will regional staff be required to attend in person training? Answer: FNS will work with RO management regarding staff attendance.   10. Question: Except for monitoring, will the training apply to independent centers? Answer: The training is being developed specifically for sponsoring organizations; however, several of the topics will also apply to independent centers.   11. Question: Are you referring to fiscal year 2018 and 2019 or calendar year? Answer: We anticipate that selected training resources will be available in 4th quarter of calendar year 2018; and in-person training sessions will be available in 1st quarter of calendar year 2019.   12. Question: Will the materials be in formats that can be manipulated by states, so we can add our state information? IE word, Excel Answer: State agencies are encouraged to provide supplemental information detailing state specific guidelines related to the training content covered.   13. Question: If we use your training as corrective action […]

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