September 22, 2019

The CORE team has released the 1st online training module, Financial Viability.  State agencies are invited to preview this online course that is specifically designed for CACFP sponsoring organizations.  The course is animated, self-paced, interactive, and informative.  Online training courses are powered by Bright Track, an online training platform for State agencies administering child nutrition programs. The State Agency preview period is September 16-20, 2019.   Following the completion of the online course, State agencies are encouraged to provide feedback by completing this brief survey CLICK HERE

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CORE Virtual Conference is Now On-Demand!

August 12, 2019

Thought you missed it, think again… The CORE Virtual Conference is now On-Demand!  Register to access the full content of the  3-day CORE-CACFP Train-the-Trainer Virtual Conference.  You can access videos of the 9 CORE modules, training resources in the Resource Center, and games!  You must register to access the on-demand training:;F:QS!10100&ShowUUID=F6F60795-99C2-48B1-873D-42730E334DDF

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The CORE virtual conference was a success! 

August 9, 2019

The CORE virtual conference was a success!  Over 200 participants across the country were able to experience the CORE conference virtually. The virtual conference provided an opportunity for SA and FNS personnel that did not participate in the in-person training conference to receive the CORE content virtually.  Virtual participants were able to engage via chat in each module and in the networking lounge.  Virtual conference also had access to the Virtual Resource center which housed training materials and the CORE graphic recording gallery for each module.  Virtual Conference participants commented: –“I was impressed with the virtual format. And I believe it was much more engaging than most webinars/on-line meeting and training I have been part of. The chat box helped a lot with engagement. I also like that there was a feature on the chat box to find the handouts for the respective session.” –“Enjoyed sessions more than had expected. Written materials excellent as reference & useful during sessions. Appreciated the fiscal detail, point of view, & how related back to fed rules/regs.— useful reminders!! Trainers clearly well-rehearsed — thank you for that. A pleasure, overall.” –“Being new to the Food Program, this training heightened my knowledge with the hands-on training I am getting through my State Agency. I feel more confident that I have the tools and resources to better explain to sponsors why written policies and procedures are so important to have in place.”

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CORE Virtual Training Conference August 6-8, 2019

July 22, 2019

CORE Virtual Training Conference August 6-8, 2019 If you were unable to attend of the three in-person training conferences, this is your chance to experience the CORE training.  The CORE team is excited to announce that the registration for the CORE-CACFP Train-the-Trainer Virtual Conferences is now open! This conference is exclusively for State agency and FNS personnel. Registration is FREE!  CACFP Operational Resources & Education (CORE) is a USDA FNS funded training initiative designed to provide practical CACFP sponsor focused training solutions for State agencies. This 3- day virtual training conference includes all 9 CORE modules, live Q&A and much more! Three modules will be delivered each day. Participants are encouraged to attend all 3 days.  Register through the CORE website at .

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CORE West Coast Training- Los Angeles, GA 

July 15, 2019

CORE West Coast Training- Los Angeles, GA  The CORE team facilitated the final in-person training conference July 9-11, 2019.  Over 50 State agency and FNS personnel navigated the 9 CORE modules at the Omni Hotel LA California Plaza.  This interactive training conference spanned 3 full days and included engaging activities to reinforce the CORE content.  One conference participant commented: “Great job keeping us engaged. Enjoyed the activities and opportunities to interact and discuss questions with SME’s and colleagues. Will use the materials/training to give our sponsors more detailed information. I think our sponsors will have a better understanding of what is needed to operate the CACFP.”

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CORE Southwest Training, Dallas, TX

May 3, 2019

State agency personnel from across the country attended the CORE Southwest Conference in Dallas GA April 30-May 2, 2019. Over 60 participants embarked on an interactive and engaging learning journey exploring the 9 CORE training topics. Sixteen States from each of the 7 USDA FNS Regions were represented at the Southwest Conference. Participants commented that the training was comprehensive, engaging and fun!

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2019 Sponsors Association Conference:

April 26, 2019

The CORE team delivered 5 of the 9 CORE modules during the 33rd National Child Nutrition Conference in Chicago, IL. State agencies received training on Financial Viability, Serious Deficiency, Internal Controls and Corrective Action. More than 50 State agency personnel representing 31 State agencies participated in the engaging CACFP train-the-trainer sessions. The CORE team also delivered the CORE Monitoring & Oversight module directly to CACFP Sponsoring Organizations. More than 30 CACFP sponsoring organizations registered for this session. Participating sponsors were the 1st group of sponsors to receive the official CORE training. Sponsors and State agency personnel alike provided positive feedback regarding the CORE training and look forward to experiencing the remaining CORE modules.

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CORE East Coast Training, Raleigh, NC

March 15, 2019

The CORE team kicked off the 1st of 3 training conferences in Raleigh NC March 12-14, 2019 at the Hilton Embassy Suites Crabtree. More than 70 SA participants representing 20 states in 6 of the 7 USDA FNS Regions were engaged in an innovative train-the trainer learning journey as they navigated the 9 CORE modules. Participants were separated into two tracks that enabled each person to experience each module over the three-day conference. Although the experience of State agency participants ranged from staff new to the CACFP (less than 1 year) to staff with more than 20 years of CACFP experience, the feedback across the board was overwhelmingly positive. 95% of the surveyed participants agreed that the conference provided sufficient content, material, and techniques for them to implement the CORE training to their sponsoring organizations. Participants really enjoyed the training overall and stated it was one of the best trainings they have ever attended!

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CORE Mock Training

February 15, 2019

February 12th-14th, the CORE team hosted the 2nd CORE FNS Mock Training Conference at the Georgia International Convention Center in College Park, GA. Representatives from FNS headquarters and regional offices participated in an innovative learning journey to provide initial feedback on the train-the-trainer conference model. Participants were able to experience the training conference that is designed for State agencies to train their sponsoring organizations. Participants were able to take part in all 9 CORE topics, engage in session activities, and offer constructive feedback for consideration to further enhance this dynamic training experience.

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CORE FNS Mock Training Conference

January 12, 2019

January 8th – 11th, the CORE team hosted the CORE FNS Mock Training Conference at the Hilton Garden Inn in Arlington, VA. Representatives from FNS, various State agencies, and the National CACFP Sponsors Association participated in an innovative learning journey to provide initial feedback on the train-the-trainer conference model. Participants were able to experience the training conference that is designed for State agencies to train their sponsoring organizations.

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