Core Training Events

November 28th – December 21st, 2022

The CORE Virtual Training Conference is now open for State Agency and FNS Personnel.  Each CORE module will be delivered on a separate day at and will last approximately 2 hours.  Each recorded CORE module will be broadcasted live.  The CORE team will be live to interact with State agency and FNS participants.

If you are new to the CACFP or just need a refresher, the CORE Virtual Training Conference is time well spent!  All registered participants will have access to the training modules on-demand.

Use this link to register for the CORE training:


What is the CORE-CACFP Train-the-Trainer Conference:

The CORE Virtual Conference is now On-Demand!  Register to access the full content of the  3-day CORE-CACFP Train-the-Trainer Virtual Conference.  You can access videos of the 9 CORE modules, training resources in the Resource Center, and games!  You must register to access the on-demand training.  Click Below to Register


The CORE training is geared toward State agency staff who are primarily responsible for developing State Agency policy related to the CACFP; and for State agency staff who are primarily responsible for providing training and/or technical assistance directly to sponsoring organizations in the following CACFP training topic areas: