Sponsoring Organizations

Sponsoring organizations are invited to participate in CORE online training courses.

Sponsoring Organization FAQs

ANSWER:  CORE is a USDA FNS funded initiative designed to provide practical CACFP sponsor focused training solutions.

ANSWER:  Each online course is designed specifically for CACFP sponsoring organizations.  The courses are animated, self-paced, interactive, and informative.

ANSWER:  The foundation of each online course are its lectures, which are interactive, multimedia presentations incorporating slide graphics, text, interactive questions, voice narration, and more.  In addition, most courses include a companion guide and quizzes.

ANSWER: Financial Viability, Monitoring and Oversight, and Serious Deficiency are the modules that will be available to sponsoring organizations as online courses.

ANSWER:  Sponsoring organizations with a score of at least 80% will receive a certificate of completion of the online course.

ANSWER:  A score of 80% constitutes successful completion of the online course.

ANSWER:  The CORE online courses are 508 compliant.

ANSWER:  The help desk is available Monday – Friday  8:30am-4:30pm EST.  Email your question/issue to the CORE help desk: support@core-cacfponline.com

ANSWER: Click this link https://core-cacfponline.com/mod/page/view.php?id=165  to walkthrough the tutorial that demonstrates the steps to taking an online course on Bright Track. The online courses are entirely on-demand, which means that you can enroll in the courses that interest you and learn at your own pace. You can begin the course whenever you like, and there are no deadlines to complete it.

To ensure 508 compliance and provide accessibility to all users, the course does not auto-play.  The user has the control to manually advance and reverse each frame.  Auto-play may present a barrier to participants that utilize a screen reader to access the content.

Adult learners are the target group for each self-paced online course.  Each user has the flexibility to review the content at their own pace, which includes repeating and advancing through content.  This approach accommodates the differences in knowledge and experience in adult learners.